How Live Chat Works

Many businesses are not yet aware of the benefits that live chat can provide, and fail to realize its full potential. So how does live chat work for an online business?

Live chat is an extremely versatile tool which supports your customers and increases sales by interacting with visitors at critical points in the sales process. Live chat can also produce new leads for your business and provide insights into how your business processes are performing.

Viewing live chat as merely a tool for contacting customers misses many of the opportunities that it provides to grow your business.

Simply put, our live chat allows your customers to have real-time conversations with customer service agents when they visit your website. Visitors click on the chat widget embedded on your website which opens a dialogue between them and our staff of well trained chat agents. This may appear similar to other messaging tools, yet it provides unique benefits.

Live chat differs from email and telephone communication, because it allows you greater insight into who your visitors are, and how they are using your website. Live chat allows you to see the number of visitor on your website, how they have arrived at the current page, what they have previously purchased, and so forth. Our agents are able to use this information to directly engage with customers who are the most likely to purchase our products and services, which can lead to a significant increase in sales.

Although live chat presents many opportunities to increase customer sales, it is most commonly used to provide support. The main advantage to using live chat for support, is that it’s much faster and more convenient than either email or phone conversations. It allows our agents to directly support people on your website, without requiring them to wait on hold to speak with an agent. Because of the direct nature of text communication, less time is spent on the initial greeting phase of the conversation and the customer is able to quickly get the information they need. Our experienced agents can utilize standard responses to frequent questions which greatly increases customer satisfaction.

The second major use case for live chat is to increase your online sales. Many customers feel more comfortable making online purchases when a live agent is available to answer their questions. Our live chat agents are able to monitor your website visitors and quickly assess which are most likely to make a purchase. For example, customers who have viewed similar products multiple times may need assistance making a decision between them which our agents can provide. The large volume of analytical data which is available to our agents increases the likelihood of generating sales.

Our live chat can also greatly increase the number of leads that your website generates, by capturing customer information such as name and email address when a chat is started. This information can later be used for email marketing campaigns, or to offer discounts to customers who do not ultimately make a purchase. Live chat is also a very effective method for upselling customers in order to maximize the potential of each purchase. Our agents can make suggestions to customers based on the items in their shopping cart, based on your instructions.

The large volume of data that our live chat service generates will allow you new insights into how your business operates, and the pain points that your customers are facing. Live chat is often more effective than customer surveys, because it records the real world interactions between your business and potential customers. Our agents can optionally ask your customers survey questions about your business to gather further information.

It is clear that live chat has become more than a customer contact mechanism, and it can be used to increase your websites sales and better support customers. Want to use live chat to reach your business goal? Contact us today!