How Live Chat benefits your business

The problem with many online businesses is that it’s often difficult for customers to find a quick and precise answer to their questions. Adding managed live chat to your website keeps customers on the page longer and allows them to immediately access help when needed.

Wait times for our live chat service are significantly lower than for traditional call centers, and are far easier for customers to utilize. Because of this, our agents can increase sales by walking customers through a sale and using the information you provide to respond to customer concerns. Our chat service also reduces the number of abandoned shopping carts and our agents can recommend additional products to your visitors.

Our live chat service gives your business a substantial edge over the competition, as a relatively small percentage of online business offer live chat. This allows your website to gain an advantage over the competition in the hyper competitive world of ecommerce. Our chat service connects your business with high spending customers who are quick to seek out the best customer service available.

Our chat representatives are trained to be knowledgeable about your services and inventory and use an FAQ system to quickly answer customer questions. Our pay per chat pricing model easily scales to your websites peak usage hours and allows you to focus on your business, rather than managing support agents.

Our proprietary chat system can be quickly and easily integrated into your website. Our agents are also trained with most online chat platforms which means you don’t need to switch from your current provider.